Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to photograph the Moon and planets with your digital camera

This has broken into the top 30 000 of the Amazon best sellers' chart in the UK but isn't doing so well in the USA.

I revised Tony Buick's first edition and extended it to cover the Sun, constellations and even some simple deep sky objects. OK, many astrophotographers will have moved on to DSLRs or webcams but the humble digital camera still has its place.

Would you take a $1000 dollar CCD camera and $600 laptop out in damp conditions? No. Can you get widefield constellation shots with it? No.

Are you suffering from the recession and just can't afford new kit? Many of us are in the same boat. Although I am experimenting with webcams (another low cost solution), I have uncovered new tools and techniques for using digital cameras.

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