Thursday, February 7, 2019

Non-Astronomy Photos 2019

November 20th Reindeer

They had the annual reindeer at out local garden centre.

Oct 19th Garden

I took a few garden shots.

Oct 16th Garden

I took some photos in and around our garden.

Sep 19th Farm Visit

I had a work appointment on a farm, so snapped some animals, starting with a Corgi.

Pheasants can be difficult to catch on camera but here is one.

Whereas goats, like dogs, will pose quite happily.

I finished with a peacock and peahen.

Sept 13th

I did a quick photo tour of the garden, starting with an Acer.

Then a Fucshia which looked much better following a tidy a few weeks previously.

Now a close-up of a Heather.

Finally a cluster of roses.

Aug 12th

I saw a nice gecko again and she was in the attack position.

Aug 1st

I saw a large frog in our garden.

July 27th

I passed the River Thames in Kemble, near the source and there was a very small amount of water flowing.

July 24th

It seemed like another good day to snap roses in the garden.

July 15th

After a solar shoot, I snapped some flowers in our garden.

July 5th

I visited Seven Springs again. It is the source of the River Churn and is one of several minor rivers that form the River Thames. Many claim it to be the true source of the Thames as it is reputedly the furthest from the sea. On other occasions, I have photographed the Thames at Kemble and Swill Brook.

First up was the bridge where the water from the seven springs runs under the road and enters a pond on the other side of the road.

I think that this is the 7th spring, although I'm not completely sure.

Similarly, I think that this is Spring Six.

I lost count.

The first and largest spring is quite obvious.

A short climb back up.

June 27th

After photographing the Sun, I took some shots of flowers in our garden.

June 20th

I passed through the hills above Treorchy and they reminded me of the Andes.

June 15th

I caught a double rainbow while shopping.

June 8th

I had often felt tempted to snap the Westbury White Horse and just happened to be in the right place, with the right camera at the right time.

June 8th

I passed through Marston Magna. I had photographed the nearby Queen Camel church but this was equally nice.

I saw some nice flowers growing wild.

June 6th

I was working on location near Treorchy, Wales and took some snaps of the mountains.

May 24th

I took a few snaps of some plants in our garden.


May 18th

I was out and about and took some snaps of Barry Island, Wales.


May 13th

A ladybird landed on me while walking our dogs in a local park. It had a unusual colour.



May 12th

I was at Porthcawl at Rest Bay. I took various photos.

First was a crow.

Then a jackdaw, a close relative of the crow.

I took a few shots of the seafront.

I used to be intimidated by German Shepherds but now I own dogs, I find that they can be very friendly, as long as you approach them with care. I find the white ones especially beautiful and this one was very cuddly, too.

I caught a nice kite on camera.

I also saw a helicopter.

I had seen Castel Coch  several times from the road but was finally able to photograph it from a standing position.


May 10th

I took some fish pond photos.


May 4th

After photographing the Sun, I took some pictures in our garden.

The first was our largest acer.

Then there was a bush.

Credit to my wife for the hanging basket.

Our Rosemary plant was in bloom.

I didn't have any roses out but some buds looked promising.

I finished with a pansy.

May 3rd

I was walking our dogs when I saw a crow drinking from our local stream.

Somebody planted a new bush by the stream. I had no idea where it came from.


April 29th

I caught a pigeon in our garden and then took a photo of our biggest acer.

Unfortunately, the photo of the acer was out of focus. 

April 17th


We took our dogs to John Coles Park again and I snapped some plants.

First were some purple flowers whose type I did not know.

Then there were some interesting tulips.

... and finally a purple bush and I don't know what type it is either.It just looks nice.

April 12th

I snapped a few flowers and plants in our garden.

April 8th

I got what I think is my best gecko photo so far.

April 1st

We took our dogs to our local John Coles Park and I took some shots of the scenery.

March 22nd

I was walking our dogs on one of our usual routes and just happened to see a nice pattern of flowers on a hedge.

March 11th

After photographing the Sun, I snapped some daffodils in our garden.

March 9th


I passed St Mary the Virgin Church at Upton Scudamore.


March 7th

I passed the River Thames at Kemble. It was about the same level as the last time I had stopped there. Neither the original source nor the side stream had water.

I snapped Winchcombe Church but the door was locked, so no inside shots.


I snapped another source of the Thames, Swill Brook after dark. It was flowing, whilst it had been almost dry the last time I looked. The photo, however, looked uninspiring.


February 25


We took our dogs to a local park and I caught this tree in blossom.

February 15

I was between appointments and visited Blaise Castle in Bristol. It looks nice but is a tough climb. I also saw many squirrels on the way up, although they were reluctant to pose for photos.






February 7th

I saw a rainbow from home.

I drove past Kemble and, on the way out of the village, stopped by the River Thames. The last time I had seen it, it was dry. There was some water but it was quite shallow and the original source of the Thames and a side stream that joins the main river were both dry.

Outside Nailsworth. I found a crop of snowdrops. In fact, I had past several that day but it was not always easy to stop for a photo while driving,

I was in Nailsworth when I snapped the clock tower.

I also snapped the well beside Nailsworth Stream.

Nailsworth Stream is home to some brown trout, although I did not see any.

St George's Church is a nice landmark.