Thursday, February 7, 2019

Non-Astronomy Photos 2019

June 15th

I caught a double rainbow while shopping.

June 8th

I had often felt tempted to snap the Westbury White Horse and just happened to be in the right place, with the right camera at the right time.

June 8th

I passed through Marston Magna. I had photographed the nearby Queen Camel church but this was equally nice.

I saw some nice flowers growing wild.

June 6th

I was working on location near Treorchy, Wales and took some snaps of the mountains.

May 24th

I took a few snaps of some plants in our garden.


May 18th

I was out and about and took some snaps of Barry Island, Wales.


May 13th

A ladybird landed on me while walking our dogs in a local park. It had a unusual colour.



May 12th

I was at Porthcawl at Rest Bay. I took various photos.

First was a crow.

Then a jackdaw, a close relative of the crow.

I took a few shots of the seafront.

I used to be intimidated by German Shepherds but now I own dogs, I find that they can be very friendly, as long as you approach them with care. I find the white ones especially beautiful and this one was very cuddly, too.

I caught a nice kite on camera.

I also saw a helicopter.

I had seen Castel Coch  several times from the road but was finally able to photograph it from a standing position.


May 10th

I took some fish pond photos.


May 4th

After photographing the Sun, I took some pictures in our garden.

The first was our largest acer.

Then there was a bush.

Credit to my wife for the hanging basket.

Our Rosemary plant was in bloom.

I didn't have any roses out but some buds looked promising.

I finished with a pansy.

May 3rd

I was walking our dogs when I saw a crow drinking from our local stream.

Somebody planted a new bush by the stream. I had no idea where it came from.


April 29th

I caught a pigeon in our garden and then took a photo of our biggest acer.

Unfortunately, the photo of the acer was out of focus. 

April 17th


We took our dogs to John Coles Park again and I snapped some plants.

First were some purple flowers whose type I did not know.

Then there were some interesting tulips.

... and finally a purple bush and I don't know what type it is either.It just looks nice.

April 12th

I snapped a few flowers and plants in our garden.

April 8th

I got what I think is my best gecko photo so far.

April 1st

We took our dogs to our local John Coles Park and I took some shots of the scenery.

March 22nd

I was walking our dogs on one of our usual routes and just happened to see a nice pattern of flowers on a hedge.

March 11th

After photographing the Sun, I snapped some daffodils in our garden.

March 9th


I passed St Mary the Virgin Church at Upton Scudamore.


March 7th

I passed the River Thames at Kemble. It was about the same level as the last time I had stopped there. Neither the original source nor the side stream had water.

I snapped Winchcombe Church but the door was locked, so no inside shots.


I snapped another source of the Thames, Swill Brook after dark. It was flowing, whilst it had been almost dry the last time I looked. The photo, however, looked uninspiring.


February 25


We took our dogs to a local park and I caught this tree in blossom.

February 15

I was between appointments and visited Blaise Castle in Bristol. It looks nice but is a tough climb. I also saw many squirrels on the way up, although they were reluctant to pose for photos.






February 7th

I saw a rainbow from home.

I drove past Kemble and, on the way out of the village, stopped by the River Thames. The last time I had seen it, it was dry. There was some water but it was quite shallow and the original source of the Thames and a side stream that joins the main river were both dry.

Outside Nailsworth. I found a crop of snowdrops. In fact, I had past several that day but it was not always easy to stop for a photo while driving,

I was in Nailsworth when I snapped the clock tower.

I also snapped the well beside Nailsworth Stream.

Nailsworth Stream is home to some brown trout, although I did not see any.

St George's Church is a nice landmark.