Monday, March 17, 2014

Website Re-launch

April 9th

 Some minor wrinkles to iron out but I've now got 2 mirror sites:

April 3rd

New video released of my home town:

April 3rd

I have been changing my images more frequently than the original idea of every few weeks and have added some interesting links to my "Other Stuff" page:

March 28th

Website development is now complete:

No doubt I will be adding bits from time to time and I will change some of the pictures every few weeks to add variety but the basic site structure is now there! I have completed the work of having large and small font versions of each page and checked out all the links. I have had a lot of constructive feedback and would like to thank East Midlands Stargazers and Chris Stewart in particular. Some of the suggestions were not easy but I can now say I'm happy with it for now.

I now enter a 2 week phase where I will make minor corrections and additions and then I will create mirror sites. Remember that most of the recent content is hosted on this blog.    


March 26th

I've now created the new Software Downloads page: Each page has a new set of images and you can now use a smaller font if you are using a large screen device:

It is not yet possible to switch directly to small text on all pages but you can now switch back to large text on the small text pages.

I have some small "bugs" to fix but the site is quite useable.

March 21st

I am just updating the drop-down menu and styles there is now information for the headings and I've solved the problem of what happens if someone's browser doesn't find the background file.

March 20th

I've made some modifications to put more help on the main pages but testing hasn't gone too well! I'm also experimenting with giving the option to change text size but I won't be doing it on all pages to start with. I'm going to include Software Downloads but I need to recheck and update links. In the meantime, you will be directed to the legacy page. I'm now thinking that I'm a long way off doing the mirror sites.

My website: has been re-worked. I am in between writing projects and am waiting for "green lights" from publishers before I continue. I decided that my website was in need of a vast overhaul. I have made navigation between pages much easier, with a common drop-down menu on all pages. Now, nothing is more than one click away.

Initial Relaunch

I completed the inital re-launch on March 14th 2014.

In the meantime, I am incorporating improvements made as a result of feedback. OK, I cannot implement all suggestions, due to technical reasons but am doing things to make it easier.

The main improvement I am working on is that each heading (in block capitals) in the drop-down menu will have its own information page. As these pages need to be written and the drop-down menu changed on all pages, this will take some time.

I am also monitoring the website visits, as well as receiving feedback. The Software Downloads page, which was on my previous website seems to be getting a few visits, so I am thinking about re-incorporating it in the new one. However, as it needs to be updated with new software versions, this (again) is in the pipeline.

Hopefully, my website will become a one-stop place (not a "shop" because that implies you have to pay!) for astronomers and music lovers. I also include some general interest links as well.

If you have any comments, please leave them here or e-mail

Happy browsing and I will post any updates here and on Twitter.


  1. Thanks for that update! The website looks great. It is very minimalistic, which is great for loading time. It's a good idea that you've continued to update your readers via Blogspot as well. It's never a bad thing to make use of what you have, right? Anyway, I hope you continue to update us monthly with astronomical topics. Good luck and all the best, Philip! :)

    Stephen Curley @ Web Development Goals, LLC

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