Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jupiter shoot January 5th

It cleared (albeit partially) in the early evening and I had a strangle impulse to see Jupiter in less than ideal conditions. I was out at 1750 GMT when twilight had almost gone. At low magnification (48x), Jupiter showed the two main cloud belts and five apparent moons and it was far from obvious which one was the background star. I took some snaps through my compact digital camera.

I was struggling somewhat with my webcam (SPC880) and I tried hard to use a mask for focussing but guessed there wasn’t enough light getting through (not usually a problem for Jupiter). Following some discussions on forums, I tried using a frame rate of 10 per second, although it conflicted with my own ideas. I used a 2x Barlow lens with the webcam.

I combined the last image with the moon shot to produce this composite.


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