Sunday, September 9, 2012

Night shoot Sept 9th

It had been cloudy since early afternoon on 8th but when I checked at 2345 GMT (well technically the 9th but this does get confusing when we are on British Summer Time). I started off with a widefield shot of Jupiter and the Moon with my compact digital camera. Next stop was a set of full disc frames of the Moon, which was now noticeably past first quarter.

Next I did a few webcam runs on the Moon and there was quite a lot of detail on show around the terminator. With Jupiter still around, I didn’t fancy trying to get enough webcam runs to do a mosaic.

I’d hoped that my SPC880 would be the magic ingredient that would get me a much-coveted magic picture of the surface details but all I could get was the closest moon, almost certainly Io. However, it was only visible on the laptop.

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