Saturday, December 30, 2017

Social Media Policy for 2018

First, many thanks to all my followers and audience during 2017.

 I’m making some key changes for 2018. This is in response to various changes in my life and also how I perceive the way people view photos and blogs in general.

 Astronomy Blog (arranged by month on here)

My astronomy blog will stay pretty much as is. I cannot say, for sure, whether I will observe and photograph more or less. As with most people, my sources of income and family needs come before astronomy, blogging and just about anything else. As before, posting my updates will usually be up to two weeks after my observation.


Fortunately, I’m not one of those people who post hundreds of selfies on Instagram and never have been. My appearance is less than interesting to most people as I am neither exceptionally handsome nor ugly. In any case, I DO NOT share photographs instantly anyway but carefully check and edit them before they reach cyberspace. I am still guilty of over-posting photos. From now on I will only post photos that are of high quality or especially interesting but, preferably both. I use Flickr for my gallery and I will stick with Flickr unless they start charging and restricting space, which is why I migrated to Flickr in the first place.

I will still be posting photos in my astronomy blog but will only post the highlights to my Flickr gallery and my picture videos.

I have started a new blog entry for non-astronomy photos, with only highlights going to my Flickr gallery and picture videos:

Asocial Blog

 This is a new feature with comments on the news and social media. Yes, it will include such things as religion and politics, so if you are easily offended, please give it a wide berth. Feel free to post your views agreeing or disagreeing. I will treat you with respect but any post disrespecting me or other people posting comments will be removed. However, if you re-post your comment with disrespectful remarks removed, I will welcome it.

 My Writing Blog (

 I will continue to post about my writing but have started a new thread for 2018.


I will continue to use Twitter to communicate small messages and links to updated material.

I cannot promise what time of day it will be but I will post at least one astronomical photo per day. If it is not a current photo, it will be an interesting one from my back catalogue. If you don’t have Twitter and don’t want to have Twitter (although setting up an account is quite easy) just use Google or another search engine and search for “Philip Pugh” and “astronomy”. You can also view my Twitter feed via a link on my home page, without setting up an account. Better still, set up an account and follow me and I will follow you back and will re-tweet anything I find interesting from you.

I will post major updates on Facebook (, too but I do not check my Facebook messages hourly or even daily.

My Website

This will remain largely untouched and most of my media content will be in my blog. However I PROMISE to update the background photos more often, something I failed to do adequately in 2016 and 2017.


Feedback is welcome and I will address it as completely and promptly as I can.

And Finally…

The nature of my life and anticipated changes for 2018 will mean that I will not update my social media for days but, conversely, may have times when I am less busy and able to respond to messages and post updates.

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