Friday, April 3, 2015

Non-astronomy photos

Those of you who know me, will have seen many of my astronomical photos. However, since I became interested in taking astronomical photos, I have also become interested in other types of photography. For example, I have taken lots of "tourist" photos from around the world.

I have also started taking photographs of plants and wildlife. They are all in my Photobucket under "Miscellaneous Other Stuff" but I'm planning to created sub-albums:

Here's a few recent examples of these photos:

I will not be adding all of these photos to this post but will add a few highlights. Everything will be posted on Photobucket, though.

April 19th

I did a shoot of flowers in the garden and the pick of the bunch (excuse the pun) was this close-up of a bluebell.


April 26th


I took some flower pictures again.




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