Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 2014

November 30th Evening

With cloud obscuring the Moon, I reprocessed some more shots of the Sun in hydrogen alpha light.


November 30th High Noon

There was still some residual haze from overnight fog but I was able to get a much clearer look at the Sun than the day before. There were four distinct sunspots visible.


November 30th Morning

With my Photobucket nearly full I reprocessed some old hydrogen alpha photos to make into a video and deleted them from Photobucket. Some were so poor that I could not obtain any detail but others reprocessed rather well.

November 29th 1645 GMT

It was dusk and the Moon was high in the south. It was about half phase and I took some full disc shots and close-ups. Most of them were stacked from multiple images and processed in GIMP.

November 29th 1125 GMT

It cleared somewhat, so I managed a solar hydrogen alpha shoot. There were a few sunspots surrounded by activity and some prominences.


November 29th 0920 GMT

It was nice to see the Sun again. even though it was low and I was probably missing some fainter sunspots. I just saw one near the bottom of the solar disc.

November 28th Evening

 It was no great surprise that the bad weather returned. I reprocessed some more solar images from 2007.

November 27th High Noon

It felt like years since I actually had any live action to report, although it was only a week. It was too cloudy for hydrogen alpha viewing or photography but I managed a binocular scan of the sunspots and the pattern had changed completely in a week.

November 25th Evening

I reprocessed another set of hydrogen alpha shots from 2006 and 2007.

November 24th Evening

It was clear after a cloudy day. Having a cold was frustrating, so I reprocessed two old solar calcium K photos from July 16th and October 7th 2006.

I also processed some solar hydrogen alpha shots from 2006.

November 23rd Morning

With persistent rain and 100% cloud cover, I did some more reprocessing of my hydrogen alpha shots of the Sun with my PST.

The first was from July 16th 2005.

The next was from June 18th 2005.

The next was from June 23rd 2005.

The next was from June 24th 2005.

The next two were from April 2nd 2005.

The next was from May 2nd 2005.

The next one was from July 12th 2005.

These were a day later.

November 22nd Evening

I reprocessed a Sun photo in hydrogen alpha light from April 26th 2005.

Then I reprocessed a Sun photo in hydrogen alpha light from June 26th 2005.

Then I reprocessed two Sun photos in hydrogen alpha light from September 17th 2005.

Then I reprocessed a Sun photo in hydrogen alpha light from July 9th 2005 and produced two separate close-ups.

I reprocessed some solar shots from 1250 GMT on June 12th 2005.

I reprocessed a solar shot from 1255 GMT on May 12th 2005.

I reprocessed some solar shots from  May 15th 2005.

November 22nd Afternoon

I reprocessed some shots of the Sun in hydrogen alpha light from October 27th 2005.

November 20th Evening

Quite frankly, the evening was 100% grey cloud. I reprocessed my solar "white light" images from 2004.


November 20th 1025 GMT

The sunspots had rotated and changed shape yet again.

November 19th 1110 GMT

There was still some haze about but I had a slightly clearer view of the Sun. A new sunspot had formed and the overall shape of the group had changed.

November 18th 1135 GMT

Conditions were much better, with only some thin haze around. I was able to resolve the active group into 3 separate sunspots.

November 16th 1150 GMT

Conditions were still quite poor, as they had been for some time but new activity had rotated on. It appeared as a single large sunspot to my binoculars but professional photographs showed it as a tight group containing at least 3 individual sunspots.

November 12th 1435 GMT

I bin scanned the Sun through patchy cloud and did not see any sunspots.

November 10th 0835 GMT

There was patchy cloud but I managed to see the sunspots again. They had rotated but also looked a bit fainter, possibly due to the conditions.

November 9th 0930 GMT

I checked the Sun in hydrogen alpha light with my PST. AS expected, there was a lot of activity surrounding the sunspots but the nice surprise was a great prominence.



November 9th 0840 GMT

 It had only been four days since I'd seen the Sun. It felt longer but, for a change, it was clear. The sunspots I'd seen before had rotated near to the centre of the solar disc.


November 5th 1415 GMT

I managed to find a gap in the clouds. One sunspot group was about to rotate off of the solar disc, while another was rotating on.

Nov 4th 0830 GMT

There was some slight haze but conditions were much better than 2 days previously. I only found a single sunspot.



Nov 3rd 1430 GMT

I bin scanned the Sun in clear conditions and the sunspot pattern had rotated and changed.

November 2nd 1835 GMT

The sky was clear in parts and I saw the Moon about 9 days since the “new” moon. I saw many details near the terminator and the southern highlands looked great.

I took a few full disc shots before the camera filled up. I stacked five of six to get this:

Nov 2nd  1010 GMT

I bin scanned the Sun under moving cloud and saw 2 small sunspots near the centre of the disc.

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