Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Meteor watch and constellation shoot December 10th

I went out at 2110 GMT. There was lots of thin cloud about but I was determined to have a go. I took lots of widefield shots of the area in case I caught any meteors “on film” but was also hoping to get some constellation shots. Although the thin cloud thinned enough to show Castor and Pollux, thick cloud moved in from the south at 2135 GMT and ended the session. I did not see any Geminids.

However, I did manage to capture a Geminid on camera, not as I might have expected around Castor and Pollux but to the north of Orion.

I also took some nice widefield shots, starting with Sirius and Canopus and ending with Orion, Taurus, Jupiter and Sirius.


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