Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hydaes and Pleiades November 14th

I’d had an idea for several months and that was to take widefield images of some of the brighter star clusters and stack them using Microsoft ICE and Registax. This needed the digiscoping bracket, which I’d abandoned but had the “brainwave” of adjusting it during daylight before the imaging session. For some reason (mist in the finderscope, I guess), I couldn’t find the Pleaides (M45), so I concentrated on part of the Hyades cluster instead, bearing in mind that I couldn’t get the whole cluster into the field of view (4 degrees).

Well later, I DID find the Pleiades (M45) and the brighter members shone brightly on the LCD display of my camera. I took several frames until it reached 2300 GMT and it was time to do another zenith shot.

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